Let the Blogging Begin…

Hello friends!

So I have finally caught the blogging bug. I feel that there is something associated with age and sharing life’s adventures on a website. Whatever that age may be a Facebook status is just not cutting it for me. Therefore I have taken suit and followed after some very good friends and family members who have paved the somewhat daunting path for me.

Back to my idea that blogging and age are related, I have reached a point in my life where I have had to make several choices and hard decisions. I am a historian by passion I don’t much like the future but I guess it is unavoidable. So I have thrown my arms wide open and welcome the changes that God is and will bring my way.

I have started this blog to share with you God’s beautiful path that He is sending this traveler on.

So a few explanations to get you started thinking like me… I know scary…

“what is with the domain name?”
After thinking for a while, flipping through many history books, quote books, and even texting my sister (who gave me little help but showed me the name must come from me 😀 ), I found it. In a book that many of us hopefully read as a child, titled “Falling Up.”  What a great book! While flipping through the childhood poems I came across “New World.”

New World
Upside-down trees swingin’ free,
Busses float and buildings dangle:
Now and then it’s nice to see
The world-from a different angle.

The world is full of different perspectives.  I leaned as a history major that history is greatly influenced by perspective. That is because we as individual thinkers are greatly influenced by what WE see and how it hurts or helps US. We are very selfish if we aren’t choosing to look upside down once in a while and see the world form a different angle. Therefore with some help from a child poem my domain name was made. I hope that with my future comes many ways for me to look at the world with a different perspective. I hope to share those perspectives with you…my lovely audience.

Now you may also be wondering why in the world would I name my blog “Traveling with Roots”
To some to travel with roots would be painful. That is not what I mean by traveling with roots. All of my wonderful friends know that I have traveled and moved most of my life. Each place I have been to I have made wonderful friends and great connections (many of which have helped me travel even more!). I carry around great memories of each place I have been too. So these things are the roots I talk of, people,family,experiences, perspectives (there’s that word again), memories. All of those ground me like roots for a tree. If a tree does not have a strong root system  the blow away. Because of wonderful things God has brought my way I can travel around the world for Him because all those things make me stronger.

There are my explanations and maybe now you are thinking more like me 🙂 trust me it will help you understand my blog.

Until my next blog (probably discussing my job search extravaganza!)

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