Coming To You From “Lizard Land”….

Riddle me this…. What is sunny, humid, a place where big birds fly high (or walk talk), and lizards scurry and “fly”?

Answer…. My new home state of Florida!

That is right I have moved sense my last blog. Its been a crazy 15 days, hence the lengthy time between my posts. Here is the encouraging story of it all. I hope you all can see God’s handy work. ūüėČ

Backtracking to August 2nd. I had began to fully grasp the idea that I would be staying in Texas. I had began to look at some dance classes that interested me. Started to think about ways I could volunteer at the museum. Even applying like crazy to full time jobs. That Thursday I was feeling good planning on helping my parents do some renovations around the house. Knew that my sister had a meeting with the assistant headmaster of the school she worked for earlier that day. Really everything was normal nothing out of place.

I dont remember the time exactly that I¬†received¬†a call from my sister but it was probably around 10 in the morning (Texas time…of course). She informed me that I should be expecting a call from the¬†assistant¬†head master because there was an unexpected opening for history. He would call me for an¬†impromptu phone interview. I would have to pass that interview and and interview with the HR head (conducted early Friday¬†morning). Then by Friday August 3rd no later than 10 am I had a job in Florida!

From there everything fell into place. My part-time job, though sad to see me leave, were happy for me and¬†genuinely¬†pleased I had gotten a “real” job. I could only really give them a weeks notices and they were very understanding. I worked the next week packing and working. On August 11th my parents and I set out on a path that would begin a new adventure. Got to Florida on the 13th. On the 14th ¬†I went to the school to meet with the HR people as well as met my department head and assistant head master (in person!). Also on that day my bed was delivered!!!!!! On the 15th I ran around getting fingerprinted and drug tested. The 16th I rested and today (17th) I had new faculty orientation.

Next week is teacher prep and student registration. Then Monday  27th will be the first day of my first year of teaching!

It was a hectic and crazy time that I can see only getting crazier. Though it all seems to have fallen together perfectly. So perfect in fact that I can only see one bringing everything together….God. Its been very comforting to see just how much God is working and just how much He seems to be fighting for me. It ¬†all could have been terribly difficult, scary and honestly just plain awful if He wasnt in control.

I cant wait to see what this year will bring. If my whole life changed completely in 15 days who knows whats to come with 9 months!

So I have written this message as a semi fallow up to my “all the people outside my head….” In that post I wrote about the difficulties of not finding a job and feeling as though I was living in the movie “Post Grad.” Well like all movie endings the post grad stage of my life ended in a hurried frenzy with everything fitting together just like the “screen write” had written down.

If this point in my life could be of any¬†encouragement¬†for you I hope it will be something like this….Trust God and give Him the pen to your life…you never know what kind of adventures He will take you on.

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