God has a plan and I have Facebook

Long time no blog. I have very little excuse, other than the fact that once work and graduate classes started my life was not my own. In fact (this might be a crime by some standards) I have only been to the beach once this entire year. Mind you the beach is only 15 minutes away from my door step.

This year, as you can conclude, has been busy. Making lesson plans, going to students’ games,  coming home creating webpages and writing papers was the norm. As much as my students were challenging, they also have great hearts. I highly enjoyed getting to know them, watching them in their own environments and seeing hints of who they will be when they grow up. Some of them I know I will see again in the future. Many of them will change the world. I do not regret the time I spent perfecting lesson plans, creating rubrics for the projects I know they loved (deep. deep. deep down) and the hours I spend grading tests. After contemplation those kids made my year!

For their own reasons the administration did not feel it necessary to renew my contract. I will not be going into details about it, simply because it will not help in anyway. Many were shocked, stunned, and some even wanted to “punch [the headmaster] in the face.” For a good four weeks I learned what it meant to be “strong” for my students. They did not find out (I did not find out for sure) until a week before finals. For a good two weeks I was putting out mini lynch mobs with every turn. Those responses, as difficult as they were to handle, were sent from God to tell me that I had done my best. God doesn’t promise that we will have an easy go at life. That everyone will love us and see the hard work we do. Those four weeks of “strength” were difficult, annoying, and painful. I started to question myself and my methods.

God used each person that I told to build me back up after somewhat crashing after the decision was made. I was distraught that I had put so much time into a job that did not respect me. Then my dad reminded me that I am not meant to do things for man. It is not their judgment that matters. I had not for a second forgotten about the kids. I simply felt that I might have failed my students. Though, God knew that thought and knew how to fix it…with more than a dozen “…but you were the only teacher I learned from this year…”s and “who can I talk to about this…”. I realized once they started saying those things…and believe me my kids are not kids who sugar coat anything…. that for whatever reason the administration had gotten it wrong.

I will for sure miss my students, the handful of great co-workers, and the freedom to teach what I felt needed to be taught. But God has a plan and I have Facebook. So I am on to the next chapter of my adventure I call life. Can you guess where?

….. Who guessed Korea?!

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