2x The Relocation

So I did not realize when I set out on this journey that I would technically be relocating two times in a six week time. That is a whole lot of boxes, goodbyes (for now), and MONEY! I would advise against it. I am reminded, when I begin complaining or rather FREAKING OUT about the money said of things, what my friends told me when I explained I was going to Korea. They said, “If anyone can do it you can.” So I may have to rework some things, go without some things, and except how things are going to be but I can do it. I CAN DO IT! 🙂

Lots have been accomplished

  1. Traveled across the half the country.
  2. Gotten my dog set with the vet. (yes I wanted to rhyme).
  3. Received my boxes sunny Florida.
  4. Called an endless amount of people to be sure things are set (like student loans)

I am still waiting on my background check from the great ol’ FBI. I called them today but they  the recorded voice told me not to continue to a real person unless its been the 6th week of waiting.

Many of my friends have given me great ideas as to where to buy new luggage. I need to remember that I am not traveling to a 3rd world country. Many things can be bought in Korea….at times cheaper and better there.

Other than waiting for the background check and attempting not to spend all of my money relocating to my parents place, all is going well.

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