Life In Between


Yep so life in between moving from Florida to moving to Korea is all about the between moments. After first it was a pretty slow going kind of time. Then I started to do things, eating or coffee with friends, creating my countdown calendar, working out (like never before), cutting my hair and SHOPPING!

I am really enjoying seeing old friends and enjoying time with them before I move a sea away. There are always those wonderful friends who have been my friends for a long time. Yet no matter how long it has been since we last hung out it seems as though no time at all has passed.

My boxes from Florida have arrived. Which allows me to go through my things (again…) to see what I want to bring to Korea. All of my wonderful things have been downsized to about 6 boxes and now I must downsize to two suitcases. I have not started the task of choosing what should go and what should stay yet. though I have about FOUR weeks left before I depart…so I have time.

I have also been shopping. I am finding wonderful deals that helps me save as much money as possible. I do not plan on buying too much but I have gotten my suitcases. Nothing fancy as you can see. I didnt want anything that may be taken because of its beauty.


I also made some luggage tags in order to draw attention for me to find them after their long journey.


I am not an artist but i kinda like them.

Other than that I have also gotten my hair cut, new glasses and have rested. I am enjoying the time in between. Four weeks! (though no ticket bought yet…no movement towards a visa yet because of my FBI background check not here yet. If I cannot get my visa before I leave then I leave without it have 90 days then have to make a trip to Japan while my students are being taken care of by a sub….my school does not pay for this extra trip….so pray I get that background check this week. Thank you!)

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