A Few Wonderful Things

Sometimes things are simply nice to have. One way to realize what is nice to have in the U.S. is by not living in the states. I have yet to make the big move to Korea but here are some cool/nice/amazing things to have (note most of these items I am planning on bringing with me).

First thing that is nice to have is time to rest.
Sadly I will be leaving my pup with my parents.

Second coolest/fun-est thing is to have St. Petersburg. (This is coming with me to Korea)
I know this is an action shot but it is a very fun game. I highly recommend everyone to play it.

Third nicest thing, shoes that are easily found in my size. Image

Oxford Lace ups by Payless. Look them up if you need a new pair.

Fourth awesome thing is…water bottles. (I kinda have a fetish)Image
This one is BPA free and was only $11. Super excited considering I left my Nalgene in Florida. Maybe my sister will send it to me 🙂

I have also greatly enjoyed time with friends and family. Due to many international connections I have began making a lot of Facebook friends that are in Korea. It will be nice to meet up with them and meet them face to fact. (No worries these friends are people who know people I know). Crazy how the international world is so small.

Also good news the FBI drafted my account. So I am simply waiting for it to come in the mail. I only have about 21 days left till I HAVE to leave. Still on a time crunch to get all of the needed documents before my visa. Once I receive my background check I will have to send it off to get it apostille (or notarized). So my waiting game-time crunch is not over yet. Though, I would like to note that God’s time frame has already pushed the FBI time frame. His time is perfect and it will all work out just how it is meant to work out.

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