Well look there. It is officially the month of August. The month when it all goes super fast, it all begins, and it all changes. I am looking forward to a lot of crazy firsts this month…and this year.

So I really only have about a week left till my “leave by this date” goal. Though like many of my goals I am flexible to change. I wanted to be on a plan bound for Korea by the 12th of August. However, I am not thinking of pushing that back a few days till the 14th. All the same it looks as though my visa will not be ready in time for my departure. My school would like me to be there on the 19th for teacher orientation week. Schools starts on August 26th. So in the near future a trip to Japan is in store for me. The person who is helping me at the school insures that they have a few faculty members who have had to do this in the past. I am not really worried about the trip and all it entails. I am however a bit sad and worried (to some extent…however I know God is in control) with finances. I will have moved twice in less than three months (one move to another country) and taken a trip to yet another country….. You all may be surprised but I am not made of money.
I have heard of some schools paying their teachers in cash. I am not sure if my private American based school will do this. Most YouTube videos are from teachers who went over with programs like EPIK or TALK. These programs usually do 6 month contracts and require you to have all your documents in order prior to leaving. So the moral of this story is that there are questions not even YouTube or Google can answer. “Dun dun dunnnnn!” 🙂
I guess in the long run of things its going to happen the way it is meant to happen. My finances are simply in God’s hands. I will do my best not to spend anything….EVER…until I get paid. In the long run though this is such an adventure that many wish they could have but few actually go. So even if I have to eat ramen noodles for a good month or two, I will at least be eating real Korean ramen.

Side note: I am looking at taking my Japan trip  Sept 2nd…this will give me the first week of school to meet my students and set the expectations. (I am waiting for the “Okay” from my school before I purchase the tickets).

Hmm will all of this fit?

Now isn’t that amazing!

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