Reality is Sweet

It has been longer than I expected for another blog post. Life has been busy and by the time I have some down time I don’t have the creative capacity to write a fun blog. The hardest part about blog writing while I am in Korea is that there is so much to tell. The cool, exciting, odd, strange and just plain annoying things are all worthy to blog about. So it takes a lot of extra brain processing tools before I can actually sit and write.
Last week was the first full week of school. The skill of flexibility is definitely a key factor for teaching….anywhere. The first week is always full of ups and downs and crazy-spins. I already love my students. The girls are studious and hard workers. The boys are rambunctious, sporty and  enjoy trying to get away with things. My co-workers are great. We work well together and play well together. I am both the youngest to the school and the newest to Korea. So I have many helpers and willing guides. My students are also teaching me new things about their culture and Korea in general. Its great to see them slowly open up as we exchange our different cultures.
I have explored my town a few times and was taken on an outing to Seoul yesterday. It was fun but there was SOOO many people. I wish I knew Korean. Life would be so much more simpler than.  Some say you don’t need to know Korean, which is true. In my area at least, almost every store owner knows some English to get their point across. However, It is kind of lonely shopping or going out by yourself because you cant really carry on a conversation with anyone around you. Though that might be my own personal observation. It hasn’t stopped me from going out though. I have my few spots I like to shop and pick up things. I have co-workers who are helping me learn phrases here and there. Soon enough I will be able to speak and understand.
I am really enjoying the moments where I might get frustrated or annoyed and then I realize the reality of my situation…..I am in KOREA! Oh the sweet reality of it all. Its interesting how once things are in perspective its hard to become annoyed or frustrated, even at the big things.
Here are some pictures of my reality:


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