Sunshine After the Rain

So I might be making up for missing a week with this new blog a day after making a new one. However, I just finished a awesome parent open house at my school. After coming home and contemplating all that has happened so far this school year and all that happened last school year, I felt I needed to write yet another blog. The title says a lot about the blog itself.
Last year there were little bits of sunshine. Co-workers who where amazing and moments with students that just brightened the year. When everything happened and I ended up not working there this year I was devastated. Many of you know that. Not because it was a great place to work but simply for those little moments of sun. It was very “Portland-er” of me  to chase the sunlight in the dark early spring. I hated the idea of leaving those beams of light,
Tonight I realized that though I left behind some very strong and courageous individuals who saved me last year from “Vitamin D deficiency.” This year I have been blessed with not just a few but a whole great big STAR of light. It has been a time of awe and amazement of all the blessings God has brought my way. I am loving my co-workers, enjoying my time in Korea, and greatly excited for teaching my (as I call them) lovable sixth graders. I feel as though God as shown me …and will probably continue to show me…that after every storm there will be sunshine.
Thank you for reading and all the prayers and happy thoughts you are sending me!

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