The New and Exciting Everyday!


So a while ago I went to Everland. This grand amusement park in my town. I did not ride any rides but went for the atmosphere. I meant to upload a photo or two about the trip on the last blog but was not able to. So here is a picture of the cool fireworks. (we ran a lot all over the park and just had a great time).

I have found a church that I enjoy going to. It happens to be in Gangnam (you know Gangnam style). Its a good English community though. I have also joined a small group that meets on Sundays so I dont have to make too many trips to Gangnam in a week.

I have began to make a lot of friends outside of work. Which makes life even more complicated. Always having to balance life. I find that it is getting colder and to save money on electricity and gas I spend a lot of time in coffee shops working. It also helps me because I work better in neutral places without personal distractions. The other day I had a Korean women come up to me and at first she wanted me to tutor her daughter. I said no because I am not allowed to  do so (contract). So said in really good English that that is fine but that we could still be friends. So we exchanged numbers. We have not gotten together yet but we are often at the coffee shop at the same time so one of these days we will get together I am sure.

I am getting even more comfortable. I am doing a lot of things on my own. Like going to Itaewon by myself (its a very foreign place but getting there I had to get off at a new bus stop). Also ordering food, and simply living. I have a bank account now and a debt card which makes things so nice! More and more locations around my house are starting to recognize me. I enjoy it. I am also exploring more restaurants or new locations.

Life is going well. Even though I have adjusted quickly there is still a lot to learn and experience. I am sure new things will continually happen for a long time.

Thank you for reading!
For my next blog I am thinking of doing a Q and A. So if you have any questions please ask them and I will try and answer them. 🙂

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