What Struggles May Come

***Note keep reading through the whining there is a realization in the end*** 🙂
This past moth has not been an easy one. With the cold has come some very blizzard like conditions in all parts of my life. I sit here writing this blog physically weak, emotionally exhausted and desperately needing a vacation.

First sight of Korean Snow...looks dirty and gloomy...which it kinda is but still the kids were excited!
First sight of Korean Snow…looks dirty and gloomy…which it kinda is but still the kids were excited!
See the girls ran to the window at the first notice of snow!
See the girls ran to the window at the first notice of snow!

Physically Weak
A few weeks ago I somehow hurt something and my right arm is now numb to touch. After going to one doctor who prescribed physical therapy that made it worst to a second doctor who cold not find a reason for it. I know also seem to have caught a cold. However maybe it is caused from the Chinese yellow dust….Koreans seem to blame everything on that dust.
Emotionally Exhausted
As a rather intervened individual I have always found myself emotionally drained after teaching. Students always needing me using my observation skills to become as dynamic as I need to be in order to get a point across. On top of the normal teaching struggles I have also began to see certain friends in a new light…that isn’t always good.
Desperately Needing a Vacation
Need I explain more?

***Glad to see that I still have you reading through my whine session***

A friend/co-worker unknowingly slapped me out of my little pity party a week ago. As I was really struggling that day with EVERYTHING. He came in and  reminded me of this piece of wisdom….(paraphrased) If you are doing something good… for God’s glory…Satan is going to fight you on it. It hit me that I had the wrong PERSPECTIVE. Everyone is fighting a battle. The only thing is that God is providing me with strength, wisdom, and guidance. I need to stop being a determinant to my own ally.
I have worked very hard these past days to find Joy in God (no matter what) and see everything with a positive twist.
I will let you know that it is not easy and I have moments of continued weakness. However, God has provided wonderful provisions of support in the most unexpected.

Positive Highlights!
-Learning a lot about myself
-Learning a lot about some awesome friends that God has provided
-Learning more and more about God’s own character
– Getting to see some of my students grow and change in such wonderfully positive ways.
-Seeing that through my struggles (big and small) God is always there providing guidance and reassurance.
-Being confident that God’s Love, Joy and Peace give me strength to keep seeing the positive in dark situations.

“I dont have to be strong enough. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength….I am asking you to be strong enough for the both of us…You are God and are strong when I am weak….”
—Strong Enough by Matthew West

Thanks for reading!

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