3 Years And Counting

Happy WordPress-a-versary to me and my “hernewworld” blog!

It has been 3 years since I have started this blog. In all reality it is a blog that is just for me and for my mom to keep up with my life (wherever it may be). I have always wanted to post once a week and have great things to say. In reality I don’t think much really happens for me to post all the time like that. Either way thanks for reading!

Like I wrote in my last post I was going to talk a little more about MERS. The good news is that MERS seems to be under control in Korea. According to Korean News they haven’t had a new case since July 4th. I am not going to lie I have never really thought I would live through an epidemic but it was kind of neat and will be a fun story to tell in my rocking chair at an old age (I am sure I’ll embellish and add many nice lies…uhm I mean spices to the truth).

It was interesting to come back to the States and see that there were warning signs in the airport but other than that not much changed. It was a huge deal in Korea but in the United States it was as though it was just the common cold. It only shows how the News caters to their audience just like other media sources. As I tell my students it is important to look at many different sources. Of course Korea was the country actually being effect by the illness while the Americas were pretty much untouched. Though, after the first week in Korea the news (American News) attempted to make it seem as though Korea was under lockdown or mandatory mask wearing stages. While in the first few days we did wear masks and we did wash our hands more. The Starbucks baristas wore a plastic mouth cover to keep from breathing on our coffee (which really they should always wear). After that it was as though people forgot about the whole epidemic. I laughed when watching the news and saw that they chose to film only the people who were wearing a mask even though those people were only maybe 1-5. Either way the epidemic seems to be coming to an end.

I am now in the United States. Recovering from an insane year of full-time work and full-time grad. school. I am looking forward to a new year, teaching AP/Honors World History. Next year my goal is to learn Korean (proficiently at least). I have been using my resources of Rosetta Stone, and several Korean language books to help me along till I get back to Korea. Next year will be very different since most of our faculty will be new to the school but my kids will be primarily the same.

Enjoy your summer! And enjoy this picture! 🙂


Can any of you guess what she (my dog) is thinking?

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