Its My Domain

Hello everyone!

I have some exciting news. As you may have noticed I have changed my domain name. In fact I have bought it. Yep that is right! I am now the proud owner of!

You may be asking yourself~
“But why Lisa? Why did you buy a domain name?”
The answer to that wonderful question is, that I am embarking on an exciting and sightly overwhelming journey. Along with teaching and attempting to learn Korean this year, I will also be working on establishing a more professional travel/lifestyle blog.

Happy cause I bought my Domain!
Happy cause I bought my Domain!

That is right, I will be joining the world that is full of  delightful people sharing their experiences on a number of topics.

So what can you expect?
1. I will be posting a lot more and on a more regular schedule.

2. As you can already tell my page has been updated (and probably will continue being updated…expect change.)

3. If you comment on a blog I will respond… A big part of having a blog is having readers 😉

4.  I am opening up my blog to more people…not just my mom 🙂

5. Once things get going I’ll be setting up more social media (Instagram, Facebook, maybe even Twitter….I hear it’s kinda a big deal.)

The transition wont be too tedious for you. All you have to do is sit back, read and enjoy!

If you do enjoy my blogs please pass it around. The more viewers and followers the more my blog can grow!

Expect, hopefully, GREAT THINGS TO COME!

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