An Introvert Travels

Being an introverted teacher and traveler, it is easy to say that I am pretty much ALWAYS exhausted. I love being a teacher and I love traveling but it knocks me out most days. So what do I do to survive?

Believe it or not, as an introvert, I LOVE to travel with other people. When you travel alone you make a lot of memories but you don’t have anyone to share them with. So when I decide to go on a trip I get friends who I know will allow me to be introverted at times (maybe all the time). I have some amazing extroverted and introverted friends who just let me be.
As an introvert there are times when I am super talkative and energetic. Then there are times when I am far removed from the real world. In those days, if you rely on me to keep a conversation going, I’ll let you down miserably. Having friends who will allow me to be crazy and energetic one day and quiet and exhausted the next day is important to me when I travel.

2. Trip Planning
        Some people suggest that an introvert should travel slowly. That is probably wise advice. However, I always have the desire to see it ALL. Since I am a full time teacher, I only get to travel on my vacation days. Which means I usually only have 4 days to get to a place and do all the touristy things. This means I often feel like I have to GO GO GO!
That is why I end up getting pictures of market districts at night…when all the stores are closed (see picture below). I went to so many places during the day and ended up missing the shopping. But hey, that day I ended up visiting tunnels and view an imploded volcano. If I wasn’t going full blast I would have probably missed something else cooler than shopping centers. Right?

2014-04-19 17.50.14

3. Listen to your exhaustion
     Though I like to see everything there is about a new place, there are times during my travels where I can’t go any more. If I was to make myself go at full speed I would be grouchy (no one likes a grouchy travel companion) and probably wouldn’t find the newness to be as neat as it really is. So I find it to be important to listen to my exhaustion. When those moments happen I usually talk my travel partner into hanging out in a cafe for hours.
Also, as an introvert, sometimes being stuck (said in the most loving way) with the person you are traveling with can be suffocating. NO mater how awesome the person is. So a day where you establish a base (like a coffee shop…see a theme?) and then meander off alone can be very refreshing.

This photo was taken at a coffee shop...sometimes when you are resting you get some awesome insight into the culture.
This photo was taken at a coffee shop…sometimes when you are resting you get some awesome insight into the culture.

4. Coffee!
      As you can tell by my #3, when I travel I drink a lot of coffee. To balance things out I also drink a lot of water.

5. Comfort Stuff
      Sometimes when traveling, as an introvert, you get tired of all the new. Even though a part of me LOVES the adventure of experiencing new things, another part of me gets so tired of all the unfamiliar experiences. When in Jeju for 5 days I talked my travel partner into having McDonald’s for breakfast every day. It was refreshing to start the day off with something I knew and did not have to anticipate the unexpected.
It is completely survivable for an introvert to travel. Just realize the little things that help you stay energized. I listed five general topics above. When you travel a lot you pick-up survival methods unknowingly. You learn to deal with all of the new adventurous things that you come into contact with when you travel.

So get traveling you introverted person! 😉

6 thoughts on “An Introvert Travels

  1. I too am a traveling introvert 🙂 very glad to see I’m not the only one who finds comfort in things like McDonald’s when I am in an unfamiliar land.

  2. We have a Korean coffee place in Edmond where I work that makes those designs in the coffee, as well. Fun and tasty at the same time! Great photos. Although unique in their own way, they remind me of some of the places I’ve rushed through, too.

  3. What a great post and one I agree with totally as an introvert traveller myself! I love travelling alone so I can just please myself but also enjoy company as long as I can still have little pockets of me-time. A lot of my friends are quite similar so it works out well and when we need some space there’s no offence as we know the score! I recommend all introverts to get travelling – there is a whole world out there and lots of extroverts and introverts to meet!!! ;o)

    1. Lizbert1 Thank you for your comment. It is true when you find a great person (or people) to travel with that will allow you to get some me-time while traveling then a trip can be a lot of fun!

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