Go Explore!

Teaching and traveling. I love them both. That doesn’t mean it is a piece of cake. In fact at times it is really hard. As a teacher of international students (some…most…of which have never even visited America.) Teaching history using western curriculum to students who are not culturally western can be difficult. I had to be very creative at getting them interested in how they learned.
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One of the best things I found to help is to get them creating! So I had my students do a lot of projects…A LOT!… I also had them use a number of different presentation formats. They had to present PowerPoints, the news, they had to talk in front of a big group or just a few peers. Those two key elements were used because I felt that it allowed for every student to work at their own language levels; as well, as challenge them outside the normal classroom box. At times projects can be more work for the teacher. I would often times go to my corner coffee shop and grade like a crazy person! (You become a regular in a lot of these places.)

Another experience, I had teaching my wonderful ELL students, is that when we all have fun we learn more. I play games for review. We watch films to help understand and picture cultures or the past. We even sometimes go off on tangents that may or may not relate to K-pop or Kdramas. My students think that they are succeeding at not learning the lesson but really those tangents allows me to connect with the students. So that I can then go and connect history to their own lives. (Tricky teacher move 😉 )
Part of having fun is giving yourself a break. My neighborhood has some great natural hiking trails. You can also travel and get away for a day. There are so many great things to do in Seoul or around the neighborhood. It is worth putting the grading aside, just for a little bit, and go exploring. It has helped me understand my students and their culture more. Which also helps my students learn from me. 11081263_10153244727464853_507980035909301868_n (1)

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Teaching overseas can be daunting. There are a lot of steps. Your school most likely doesn’t have the standards that you have been trained on but I believe it is a great experience. I know that not everyone has the chance to experience what I experience but I hope that you still take the time to go and explore!

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