Blog Struggles…They Are Real

If a person screams “BLOG EMERGENCY!” to the internet and the blog isn’t live for people to read it, does it actually get posted?

Alright that might just be a little dramatic but the struggle is real! 🙂 Yesterday I decided to change my hosting to a self-host. This means I’ll be able to control my blog more an be able to put the ad’s and sponsorships I want (when that step happens done the future). However, that one decision has led to a lot of stress and confusion.
I have a background in building blogs and such but that experience is limited. I have never had to think about other hosts, followers, posts, pictures and all that. I have since figured out how to export/import my blog posts and what is connected to it. The one thing I am worried about is that my stats are gone…have been refreshed completely… 😦 and my followers are placed in a strange place and I am not sure they even exist any more….exist in real life but not in my blog life. I would be so sad if I lost you.
I am currently working at trying to get my followers updated (if they need to be updated). Also my website is slowly going live around the world. It is kind of interested to see it going up slowly and where it has and has not opened up for view. Overall, I am happy and excited for this move but there is a lot of uncertainty. I hope you are going along with the adventure and will be patient with all the slow processing changes.

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