Pack Your Suitcase In 8 Easy Steps

I am getting ready to fly back to Korea. Like all teachers feel, the summer went by way to quick. I am looking forward to see my students and to have a schedule again but I am not ready to give up my free-time.

I have had to pack a suitcase more times than I can count. Sometimes it just isn’t fun…okay most of the time it isn’t fun. Here is my advice on the best way to pack a suitcase. (Don’t take things too seriously.)

Step 1
Step 1

STEP 1 :  Throw EVERYTHING you want to bring with your near your suitcase (it may be smart to put your suitcase somewhere elevated…easier to see everything…I used my bed.).

Step 2

STEP 2: Begin thinking of the unrealistic things you wanted to bring and remove them from your pile.
Think about where you are going and what you will need while there. Sadly, I don’t think this antique chair will be able to come with me to Korea. 😦

Step 3
Step 3

STEP 3: Begin to organize. Maybe even fold your clothes! I do a mixture of folding and military rolling.

Step 4

STEP 4: Take things out of their packaging. This candy is for an activity plan on doing with my kids, SO I
need it to come with me. The packaging was bulky and not very flexible. This ziplock bag makes it both flexible and slightly smaller.

Step 5
Step 5

STEP 5: I also put other things inside of other things. If there is space for air I fill it up. Or at least try to.
The pouch in the back is full of my wires. Having a place to put all your chargers and such will
streamline your travels.

NOTE: I actually ended up taking out these bottles and getting rid of the big container and using a ziplock instead (see step 4).

Step 6
Step 6

STEP 6: I usually fly out early. To easy the airport rush I plane my flight outfit. To ease the suitcase load I usually choose to ware something bulky. This means jeans and tennis shoes.

Step 6
Step 7

STEP 7: Finished! Also, my family is prone to loose luggage. If possible I carry-on. This time around my layovers are VERY short so I’ll be carrying all this one with me.

Step 8
Step 8

STEP 8: These are the things that I decided to ship to Korea (I need to have about 6 months worth of
certain products that are difficult to find in Korea). Most of these things are being mailed because of carry-on liquid restrictions. I would have had room in my tiny suitcase for most of this if I wasn’t thinking of carrying all the things and following regulations.



So there you have it! Everything you need to know about packing your suitcase. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pack Your Suitcase In 8 Easy Steps

  1. Nice post, Lisa. That “antique chair” brings back a lot of memories I know you share of a place that used that type of furniture a whole lot. I remember how bemused I was to actually find them in the United States.

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