When You Lose Your English

Follow my blog with BloglovinWhen you live in such a strange and unique world you are bound to lose something....right???

When you live in such a strange and unique world you are bound to lose something….right???

Living overseas in a country that speaks another language can have some side effects. I am currently, trying to learn Korean. I have heard that it is easy and I have also heard that it is extremely hard. I am not positive which one I believe. At times, it is really easy to learn at other times it is really hard to understand. Even before I even started to learn Korean, I started to lose my English vocabulary. This is something that I have heard a lot of expat/foreigners struggle with this.

I remember the first time, when a rather big English loss happened. It was at a Korean wedding and a friend and I were sitting in a church with beautiful stained glass windows. We looked up and both said, “Man look at those windows. Their glass art? art stained? art painted? windows????” It was a funny language block that we seemed to just not be able to get passed till finally one of us remembered….”Ahh, stained glass!”

Mostly these loses of language happen with words you don’t use often. A more recent slip was “intercom,” “washing machine” and “clothes dryer.” For whatever, reason when you don’t practice your vocabulary you lose it. There are ways to help you remember them, reading, watching educational videos, attempting to write and of course practicing using different vocabulary. I know that as I begin learning more and more Korean vocabulary that my English with get worst. I am hopping that teaching in English and being aware of the possible lost that I wont lose too much of my English.

Do you have any stories about losing a language? Rather your first language or another learned language?

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