The Best Advice I Can Give…

It is the start of a new school year. Which means, it is one of the busiest times of the year for teachers, parents and students. It is easy to go about your day, forgetting that other people live in the same world you do. If you are anything like me, I have a “To Do” list a mile (if not more) long. It is really easy to just ignore everyone else and get my stuff done.

Remember what it use to look like new?
Remember what it use to look like new?

As a teacher (and a parent if you are one) we shouldn’t get so busy that we forget to look up, from our agenda, at our students (or children).  They too, may be rushing around, attempting to get the satisfaction of checking something off their list. They too, may be forgetting to notice that their world is much bigger than just themselves. They too, may be forgetting to take time to notice others. It is so much easier, to forget the personal side of my job. I become focused on the standards, lesson plans and assignments I have to accomplish, by a certain time, that I forget that I am teaching…well people. People who will one day have the ability to influence the world (if they aren’t already doing so.). Today, I forgot to check in with my students. I forgot to look up in order figure out what was going on in their part of the world.

It isn't new any more...
It isn’t new any more…

I saw it in my students. The stress of being an adult, before they were an adult. The difficulty of being overwhelmed, confused, and slightly unsure of how to get it all done. I usually counterbalance that by taking a deep breath (when my students aren’t looking). Putting on a smile and doing something ridiculous that causes them to look outside themselves into the big great world. Today, I made the mistake of not doing that. Today, my students were stressed, annoyed and rushed. They were taking on my own feelings and my own struggles. Today, I made the mistake of not looking up and seeing my students in the world we share.

The best advice I can give you, is to look outside yourself and counterbalance what you see. No matter how hard it is to put that smile on your face. No matter how exhausted being an adult has made you. No matter how many things are playing tug-a-war with your time. When you students (or children) walk into the room give them the time and dedication they deserve. See who they are, what they are struggling with and encourage them. Counter what they feel by giving them something else to focus on.

Remember they are kids, not adults, they shouldn’t be as stressed as you are.  

Summer latte...the opposite of stressed
Summer latte…the opposite of stressed

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  1. In some formats the summer latte is on it’s side….not sure why….just tilt your head for a good look or check out my Instagram. 😀

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