The Story Behind The Picture

One of the reasons why I love taking pictures so much, is for the story. Stories change as our memory forgets but with a picture you often can remember more.

SIDE NOTE: As a young kid my dad took a ton of pictures. I feel that that gave me confidence in my appearance. As a teacher, I find that my students hate their pictures taken. That is until, they get use to me taking a ton of pictures of them. Then they begin to pose and be comfortable with who they are. I feel that pictures can be a huge help with gaining confidence.

As many of you, I am sure, have seen the photo below.

The story behind that photo is not that entertaining but it does provide a suggestion for a fun day out in Korea. The photo was taking at the Itaewon International Food Festival. They sometimes have them twice a year but this one was held last year in October. I hope to be able to attend again this year and maybe get better photos and video.

They had food from around the globe. Itaewon is considered by many to be the Western district of the Seoul area. They have a foreign food market and is also near a base, many foreigners frequent the streets.

The photo (and video below) provides a look into a random day, when I was invited to meet my friends at the VERY crowded festival. Where we eat great food, while standing in the middle of the road being pushed and shoved by people walking by. It was wall to wall people, so we would often find where the trash cans were set up and just stand in a line with the trashcan making the people diverge, leaving us an opening. It was a fun and random day. To me those are the best kinds of days! 🙂

The video is short but I think it gives you a look at a fun part of the parade that happened after the festival (stay till the end!). Enjoy!

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