I Survived But I Might Be Traumatized: A Short Story

A Short BUT Real Story

I get sick a lot in Korea. My body seems to struggle with the pollution, the overcrowding and probably a little bit of it is being overworked. Currently, the weather change is taking place, which means half of my student body at work are home sick. The other half? At school spreading their sicky-germs to me. Today, I am not feeling 100%. I came home and took a 3 hour nap. I plan on going to bed right after this post. All of this reminds me of the last time the weather changed, from Winter to Spring.

*Cue dream sequence*

I had been to the doctor several times before. They usually just give me medicine and send me on my way. NOT this time. This time, they did something that I couldn’t believe was actually a medical practice. The doctor  took four skinny metal rods…they had different sizes! He took two of the rods, tilted my head back, and yep…yep he did… he stuck them up and down my nose. He then took the other two and did the same thing to the other side. All the while, telling me that I might feel some discomfort. Also, he told me that I had a deviated septum which is why I kept getting sick. There was no explanation as to why he stuck rods up my nose. He just took them out after an hour…okay probably more like 30 seconds but when you are put in that position time seems to go by slowly.

*Cue ending of dream sequence*

I’ll tell you that the “discomfort” he spoke of, was more like…If I didn’t have to focus so hard on not gagging up my dinner all over his white coat, I would have fainted, kind of discomfort. Needless to say, that event traumatized me. TRAUMATIZED ME! I cant say, that I’ll never go to the doctor again, but now that I know what they are capable of I’ll have more anxiety about going again.

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