Some Of The Best Places: South Korea (pt1)

The first year that I moved to Korea, I didn’t have a list of places to see or things to do. I was just open to wherever and whatever might come up. This was partly because, I had no idea what South Korea had to offer. The second year, however, I decided I needed a list. I wasn’t seeing ALL the places, without one. So here is my list of five places you should definitely visit if you ever come to Korea.

(These are not in any particular order)

1. N Seoul Tower (Namsang Tower): Best if you visit at night. That way you can get some great views of the city. You do have to pay to get to the top. There isn’t much up there. A couple of stores but the view is wonderful!


2. Olympic Park: This is a huge park that is free! There are bikes you can rent. Coffee you can drink. Also SO much walking. It is kind of awesome!
3. Busan: This is a city in the south. It has a very nice aquarium. It is a nice slow, somewhat more laid-back beach city.
4. DMZ/JSA: I loved visiting the DMZ and JSA. The history and the conflict was kind of amazing to see. Also looking into North Korea was very interesting.
5. Jeju: This is like Korea’s Hawaii. I suggest you take a week exploring it. It isn’t always easy to get around the island and there are things to do all the way around the island. We spend 4 days there. I would say it just wasn’t long enough.



I’ll be making another one of these, as I visit more places. 🙂

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