Where To Sleep In Taipei

2015-09-26 09.48.13

During this Taipei trip there was a lack of research and planning but one area that I am always sure to research are places to sleep. I am kind of a picky sleeper, in the fact that, I want my own bed and a room removed from strangers. This of course means no hostels or backpacking hotels. Plus, when I travel I like to rest. I am not in need of a resort but I do want myself to have a comfortable place to call my home for however long the trip lasts.
Since I have moved to South Korea, on my travels I use Agoda.com. It is actually a great site with a wide variety of hotels and resorts for very cheap. There has only been one time when there was a problem with the hotel and that was because our booking date was not correct.  We just didn’t catch it till it was too late. The hotels have always been exactly what they describe, if not better.

Many websites say that you would be able to get a cheaper deal if you wait and get a room when you land in Taipei. The only problem with that is, if you have no idea how to get around the city. It makes it difficult to pin point a place to find a place to stay. We also landed in Taiwan pretty late and it was nice to just get in a taxi and have them take us to our very well located hotel. We paid a total of about $300 for about 4 nights. Which isn’t bad at all!

The Taipei subway…you know you cant chew gum or drink anything in the subway or on the train? (not even water…yep I got yelled at.)

Our hotel was called New Stay Inn 2 Nanxi. It was located in a great location! Right on the green subway line between two well connected stations. There was a shopping center just a block away. Also they had an underground bookstore street near by. The hotel, itself, is a cheaper hotel. The public areas are a little old but the rooms have been renovated. The workers were cheerful and willing to do extra to help us explore the area. I would stay there again.

The hallway in our hotel
The hallway in our hotel


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