What Student Council Taught Me: From An Advisor

Courtesy of quotegram.com
Courtesy of quotegram.com

It has only been nine weeks since school started, about five weeks since I began my Student Council Advisor-ship. I have already learned so much about myself.

~I have trouble not micromanaging.
~I get way stressed out when my kids do not follow my time table.
~I struggle with asking for help.

What I have learned (by force) to do…
~I have had to learn to “wait and see” what my kids will or will not get done.
~I have had to sit back and bite my tongue and hope that they will ask me so that I can give my own thoughts.
~I have learned how to take the fall for their mistakes.
~I have learned to handle  leadership roles above me who do not understanding that a Student Council is not more faculty members.
~ I have learned, that in fact, they will DEFINITELY make mistakes.

Student Council is a chance for students to learn how to be leaders. How to face their fear of being “powerful beyond measure” and lead. I am still learning. I am still forced into situations that make me unbelievably uncomfortable but I am learning to control myself more. I am learning to let the kids lead and fail and problem solve.

My Council amazes me in so many ways! They have such talents and skills but they themselves lack the confidence to embrace who they are. They may never know how much they have taught me but I hope that they can look back and see how much value they truly have and how much awesome things they have and will do this year.

I have seen this TedTalk many times before. Last year I even showed it to my Seniors. It has a wonderful message about looking past our fears and leading by simple moments.

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