The Struggle Of A School Teacher

I am in no way thinking of becoming an Administrator. I am reminding of that fact every now and again when the only light in my teaching world are my students. Even the most rough days with them are better than rough days with my Administrators. My students have an excuse. They have a reason to be jerks. As I so lovingly put it…”They are just learning how to be humans.”

….but then….what is the excuse of my leaders when they are jerks? Are they too still trying to be human? Shouldn’t they have grown out of the “non-human” stage yet?

Have you ever wondered how a school would look if the teachers were appreciated, revered and treating with respect and power by their bosses? This week has made me question it more and more each day.

This week we discovered that I had made a mistake in the report cards. Luckily it wasn’t a very bad mistake. The fact about the report cards is a long story that I feel no one would want to hear about. Just know we had to manually enter in data while working around a half working system (that had been down for months). I completely take full responsibility for my mistake.

…However, that mistake has no way changed my teaching. I am still positive with the kids. Some how found time to fix the mistake within the day while teaching 5 different subject classes and age levels. You know what happened? I was bullied, my work load and ability was questioned. My suppose to be leader, said to me, “Maybe the student council is taking away your time from the important things.” Can anyone agree with me that that was a rather low blow? (by the way I am doing way more than student council….but that leader didn’t know or care about that.)

Then today another low blow by the same person. Here I was helping out and working on an assignment for him when I made a statement that our student council PA was asking for something to do (posters, surveys that kind of stuff.) My boss misheard me and thought I was saying I had too much work. He then said “You have too much work you have one thing to do I have forty things to do!”

The point of this story is this….
I do not recount these things to vent or rant about my job. Trust me there are worst things I could rant about. I tell you this story because I came across the picture below on Pinterest and it struck home. Teachers are being bullied and abused by their leaders, by the very people who are suppose to support and help us. What if the government, administrators and parents supported and encouraged the teachers. What would society look like? I doubt, I will become an administrator in the future but if I ever do, I hope that I’ll never forget how hard teachers work and how they truly need the most support.

Let us stop bulling our teachers, so they can keep teaching kids!

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