Christmas Door Decoration

For the past two and half years I have had the same homeroom kids. I have seen them from 6th grade to 7th grade and now to 8th grade. Each year at my school we have a Christmas door decoration contest. This year we have been swamped with extra work, last minute projects and so on. So I especially wanted an easy idea for our door. However, my students had other ideas. Though this door is rather simple and easy it was more work than I had planed. I am glad that they talked me into it and that they worked together and got it done. All I did was the background everything else the kids did.

20151215_075552 (1)
The boys wanted to have “Joy” and they wanted it to be bright pink. So it is. The girls wanted to use Minions. So they did. It is suppose to be a Minion tree. As always I am proud of the work the kids did. Especially sense I just wasn’t feeling the whole Christmas door decorating this year.

20151215_075552 (2)

It might not be perfect but I know that the kids worked on it and it was something that gave them independence and freedom to do. Which provided important skills and lessons for them to work through and get better at.

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