December Favorites

I love December. It is colder, festive and peaceful. Narrowing down my favorite things about December was hard. Instead of five favorites I have made six. Possibly later in the month I’ll add to this list.

2015-12-16 17.49.34

  1. The changing of the weather leads to me getting sick. Usually with a soar throat. Honey Citron Tea is amazing! Hot water, a table spoon of this and before I know it my throat feels so much better. I wont have to visit the doctor AND it tastes wonderful. When I move back to the states, I’ll be looking for something like this for sure.

    2015-12-16 17.50.58

  2.  Now I am not a make-up artist nor do I really pay around with make-up that much but this product is so easy to use. With the weather change and with “Yellow Dust” coming from China sometimes my skin doesn’t look so alive. This correction foundation does a great job of staying on through out they day.

    2015-12-16 17.52.40

  3. Again with the cold weather comes the need for comfy and warm things. These gloves and earmuffs are so soft, I wish you all could feel them.

    2015-12-16 17.53.47

  4. For some reason, in December I really enjoy painting my nails. Strange because I hardly ever paint my nails. I think that with the festiveness I want to add a bit of color. These are of course my favorite because of the colors. Though the clear (top-coat) strengthens my nails.

    2015-12-16 17.54.39

  5. In Korea it can get really cold and dark. It is hard for me to motivate myself to get out of my apartment. I find myself reading more and listening to more books in December. My Ipad is a favorite because it allows me to have a ton of books and yet none of the weight or shelf space.

    2015-12-16 17.55.24

  6. December in Korea means so much fun Christmasy stuff. Everything is so fancy and decorated with lights or Christmas colors. It again, just adds festiveness.

    2015-12-16 17.57.01

  7. December is time for Secret Santas. I love giving gifts. This year I had a great person to give to. I had so much fun and loved being sneaky. I also had a great person who was my Secret Santa.


Alright, So I gave you 7 of my favorite things of December…oh well.

Merry Christmas!

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