A Whole New Year: Focusing on Yourself Part 1

 As many of you know it is now


I am not sure what this year holds for me but I have some plans.
Last year, I stressed myself out a little bit. I took on a lot of extra work. Overall, I was just super busy. With the start of this NEW year I want to add some NEW things into my life.  These are not resolutions. I actually don’t do resolutions. I do however set goals and make positive life changes. So this year I have three categories that I plan on focusing on in this NEW 2016 year.
**Note: there will be three posts based on myself (or yourself). Then I’ll change it up and bring NEW ideas for how to include NEW ways to impact others in a positive light. 

The three categories that I’ll discuss in the next couple of posts to come are 




I am aware that these are the three basic categories that everyone focuses on but I hope to share some NEW ideas for you.


Look forward to January being the month of the NEW for Travelingwithroots.com. 

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