A Whole New Year: Focusing On Your Mind Part 2

Are you like me? Once work starts back up from vacation I get so busy and focused on work that I forget to…well…to be healthy? Working out your brain is important to your health. Professor Sahakian said in News Medical “As a society, we take our mental health for granted…but just like our bodies, it is important to keep our brains fit.”¬†running-brain

Even though I work out my brain teaching, I want to expand my workout a little more. There are a large number of books and websites that you can read that tell you how important reading is for your brain. So for 2016 I am going to take part in a reading challenge. There are so many book groups and book challenges out there to choose from. When I Google “2016 Reading Challenges” there was about 2 billion hits. I am sure if you choose to exercise your brain with a reading challenge you’ll be able to find the right one for you.


The one that I decided to go with (because my sister is doing it and several of my friends…yep this is me jumping on the bandwagon.) is the 2016 Book Riot Reading Challenge¬†. Other than because I knew other people that were doing this challenge, I also liked the many different topics and genres that it required. I sometimes get stuck in a rut reading non-fiction history books (LOVE THOSE HISTORY BOOKS!).


The second thing that I will be doing once I get back to Korea is a 365 days of photography. I love taking photos but I want to practice more. So for the next 365 days I’ll be taking one photo (at least) a day and I will be posting them under my gallery page and on my social media outlets. (this will start January 12th!) I am still thinking of some creative ideas for taking the photos and themes to focus on.
I decided to take part in this to work out my creativeness. I have always loved to be creative, I paint, I take photos, I make videos and edit all of those. However, I feel that I of course could work on those skills. Also being creative uses other parts of the brain and will help me to use my brain in new ways.

Well there you have it, two ways to focus on your mind this NEW Year. What are some ways you are focusing on your mind this year?

Next post we will be looking at ways to help your body!


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