A Whole New Year: Focusing On Your Body pt 3

My friends and I often times joke about being workaholics but the truth is working ALL the time is very unhealthy. Even if you are one of those people who stress out when you are relaxing instead of working. Pushing your body too far is too much. This year I want to find the balance between work and play, or at least improve my balance. Part of that balance is focusing on my body, staying healthy and not over doing it.

I have three things that I am going to attempt to implement this year,

1. Workout (regularly)
Working-out is something I kinda hate. Once I am doing it though I love it. I feel so much better and fully enjoy it. I am looking at not just working out for strength or endurance but for balance and restfulness. According the the Mayo Clinic exercising has several benefits. This past semester I struggled with sleeping. This was the first time ever, that I can remember, where I couldn’t just sleep. This is one of the biggest reasons why I plan to workout.


2. Vitamins
Another thing that I hate is taking vitamins. I know they are healthy. I know that they help you with so many elements of your life. I just hate them! I also just forget to take them. So this new year I am going to be trying these jelly vitamins (they taste good and don’t have aspartame in them.) Also, I brought Ovaltine to Korea with me to add a little more vitamin into my diet.

20160112_184529 (1)
3. Time for myself
I am also going to do something that is so hard and yet so simple. Giving myself time. Time to just be. Time to slow down and enjoy life. I am really good at racing through life, events, and time. This new year I want to slow down a bit. To have time to just breath. This can be connected not only to body but also what I wrote about in my previous blog where I focused on the mind.
I am hoping that this mindfulness of health will keep me healthy this year. Again, most of these things are easy concepts but I really struggle with doing them.

Next post: A focus on your Spirit.

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