A Whole New Year: Focusing On Your Spirit pt 4

Probably the most important thing that I plan on dedicating my time to, this new year, is providing myself with some spiritual growth. The first year in Korea I attended church regularly, I was a part of small groups at my church, and I gave a lot of time for devotional/quiet time. Last year, I was working toward getting my masters (which I was lucky enough to finish). Since my masters took up so much of my time it was really hard for me to do those things. Slowly but surely my spiritual life was not so strong.

This year, I want to make it a priority to give time to God. Considering all that God has done for me, I should definitely be able to give back.

For this month and a little throughout this year, I am going to be using two books to help me with this new focus. Both of these books are by Oswald Chambers and both of these books were given to me by my dad.

Book 1: “Prayer: A Holy Occupation”

20160114_193250 (1)

This book is just….”wow!”…. I really love it. It took me about a year to read through it because there were some sections that required me to reread them. The message from the book discusses prayer, of course, but it is very practical and helpful. I highly suggest that you pick-up your own copy.

Book 2: My Utmost For Hist Highest


I haven’t read much of this but it is a day to day short devotional. Again, what I have read so far, has been really good. The devotionals are short but just like the prayer book, it has some messages that require you to reread to fully understand.

These are two ways/things that I plan on using to help me grow spiritually this year. As the year go on I plan on adding more and I want to continue to set aside time for devotional time. Now that I have shared several post of ways to improve yourself this year, next I will be sharing some ideas for positively influencing others.

First, what are some things you are doing this year to better yourself?

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