A Whole New Year: Focusing On Others



Just as Martin Luther King Jr. asked, this year, I am purposefully asking myself, “What am I doing for others?” This new year I want to not just focus on myself but I also what to be sure that I am helping others. Encouraging others and simply just impacting others lives in a positive way.

It is easy to say this but it is another story when actually living that question out in really life. To be honest I don’t have a set goal or a game plan for how I am going to implement this. I really just think that I’ll make a more effort to ensure that I am doing something for others. As a teacher it can, at times, be easy to help others. Opportunities are there at every turn to help someone. Except, even though the opportunity is there, that doesn’t meant that I am actively seeking ways to help or that I am actually helping others. Plus it is more than just helping others. The question asks “WHAT”. This to me demands more attention of what impact will I have on others.

I am hoping at the end of this year I can look back and see that I didn’t just focus on me and what I want but that I truly changed my outlook of others and helping others as well.

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