I Break ALL The Rules: Blogging The Way I Want


“Blog every day.”
“Be actively seeking ‘blog’ friends.”
“Look for ways to boost your stats.”
“Write comments on other people’s blogs so they will go check out your blog.”
“Push your social media.”
“Write even when you don’t want to.”

All of these things are great advice, that have been given by very skilled people in the blogging network. However, I find that I just can’t follow that kind of format all the time. blogging is a creative outlet for me. I enjoy blogging when I enjoy blogging. I love reading other peoples’ blogs when I love reading other blogs. Many people have turned their blogging hobby into a blogging business. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if my own blog could support me. If this fun hobby of a thing could make a name for me but at the same time, I feel that if I turned it into a set of rules and regulations then it would stop being the very thing that I love about it.

It might be the generation Y that I have been born into and our uncanny desire to do something we enjoy rather than just make money but I want to keep blogging fun. I want to keep my blog a place to help others and provide a way to support others while they adjust to a new culture.
This season, I am reading a blogging book, “How To Blog For Profit: Without Your Soul” by Ruth Soukup. I haven’t gotten very far but one thing that I have taken to heart from her is that you can’t judge your start to other peoples start. By most standards I break all the rules, but isn’t that kind of how blogging started. It was a way for people to share their thoughts their ideas with a bigger audience. An audience that wasn’t there if they didn’t look outside the normal set box of rules. Though, my start may not be the same as the next blogger, I look forward to seeing where it continue’s to go…as I continue to break all the rules.

5 thoughts on “I Break ALL The Rules: Blogging The Way I Want

  1. Yes!!! That’s how I feel most days. Keep it fun and keep creating great content, then the rest will work itself it. “Build it and they will come”♡

    1. haha! Me too. I seem to do a great job for about two weeks and then have to take a break for another two weeks. I do enjoy reading your stuff though.

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