A Visit To Everland; A Korean Amusement Park


If you enjoy amusement parks, South Korea has a park that is pretty entertaining. It cant really compare to Disney Land/World in the extravagant attractions or Six Flags in rollercoasters BUT all the same it has some interesting elements.

I am not a “rider” but I have gone to Everland at least four times in the past three years. It has a beautiful sounding area and a fun atmosphere. So even though I don’t really enjoy the rides, I still enjoy going with my friends.

This past visit was actually a school field trip. I was able to get some great pictures of the park.  If you ever get a chance to visit I highly recommend it. I’ll link the park’s website at the bottom of this post. That way if you are interested in prices and how to get there and so on you can check it out. (The great thing is there is now a train/subway that takes you there….my first year in Korea there wasn’t and it was hard to get there from where I live.)


Here is the link to the English website for Everland.



Thank you for reading!

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