Last Impressions: Leaving South Korea


Usually when I tell people I lived in South Korea for the past three years, I get a lot of “WOW!”, “Is it safe?” or “Did you see ___(insert your favorite Kpop or Kdrama start)____ in Seoul?” Believe it or not, I often had “wow” moments living in Korea so I understand that one. South Korea is not North Korea but often gets confused for it and I have had to work around being polite and educating (the teacher in me) the people that gives that response. I also understand the Kpop and Kdrama but Seoul has 10 million people….so I actually did not see any super famous people. All the same when I get to talk about my experience in South Korea I kinda love it. Eastern culture is so different from western culture that when I bring cultural things up it often shocks people by how different of a life I lived in the past three years. Though, there are moments of extreme differences I actually lived a lot like I would have in America. As I adjust back into the United States culture here are some of the things I’ll miss.

Korea The  Awesome!

  1. Nature
    There were some beautiful nature all around. Even in the city. You could walk a block and be in a park or even a rice field. One of the most favorite pass-times for the older generation in Korea was hiking. So you can only imagine all of the amazing hiking trails. I think that Koreans did an excellent job building around nature and being sure to incorporate it in new structures.


  2. People
    Though, there are some people who defiantly frustrated me in Korea, there were great people. I had a pizza lady who knew my order and would try and talk to me in Korean. I had a coffee shop lady who helped me with my Korean. There was the Homeplus (corner store) ladies who helped me understand the reward card system. Not to mention the friends and co-workers that I met there. I am excited that I’ll be in a location where both friends from the US and friends from Korea might be able to visit.

    Not the best picture of us… but look at that flag!
  3. Food
    You already know by my previous food post that I liked Korean food. I miss Korean pizza. Which is strange by most standards…not even Koreans like Korean pizza better than American pizza. I miss the easiness of getting Kimbap and Mandu. This is really making me miss the Kimbap Heaven (김밥 천국) restaurant.
  4. Mass Transportation
    I loved not having a car and having to drive. I love the convenience of having a car here in the US but I loved the worry free of hopping on a bus or train and just getting off when I needed to. So I have mixed feelings about having a car but not having a car.
  5. WiFi Everywhere
    I miss having wifi everywhere. I know that my current city has began adding free wifi for guests. Our Walmart, McDonald’s and Chick-Fil-A have free wifi for us. In Korea the busses would often have Wifi and pretty much EVERY cafe, restaurant, and store would have free Wifi. It was awesome. Also with certain communication apps you wouldn’t even need a data plan you simply needed wifi.

    The culture of Korea is confusing and fantastic.

Now that I am looking at the possibility of never going back to Korea I am a little sad but also excited for the new adventure. I am not certain what will happen or if I’ll like it but I am going to embrace it and look for the fun. If you are looking at going to Korea rather for a visit or to work I would recommend giving it a try but be sure you go there with an open mind, attempt to embrace the culture and just find the positive and fun moments in your time there.

2 thoughts on “Last Impressions: Leaving South Korea

  1. Woah leaving a place after living there for so long can be quite a challenge. I wish you all the best for the future! I am sure you find another cool spot in the world 😉 And you sure make South Korea sound very appealing! Must. visit.


    1. Thank you for reading. I loved South Korea and recommend it for sure. However, it is time to try experience something new. Let me know if you do visit Korea.

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