New Can Be Scary But A Good Kind Of Scary

When you ask people about trying new things there is often a hesitation. New can be scary. There is a certain kind of comfort in just doing the routine. Staying with the status quo and knowing what to expect. I feel that at the age of 27, I am actually embarking on a very big “new”. For the first time I have my own apartment, a job in a city where I don’t know anyone and I have removed myself from the culture that I have known for the past three years. It is kind of nerve-racking when I think about it but also exciting. I am experiencing so many things for the first time. Or similar things in different ways. I am learning the way of the land that I live in now.
For those who are wanting to get out or to try something new, I say DO IT! The hardest part is saying yes and doing it. If I had never decided to leave Korea but stayed there because it was easy and comfortable (I know that can sound strange if you have never been there.) then I would have been unhappy. It was time for me to leave Korea and it is now time for me to experience these new things. Though I will be in the United States I still plan on taking trips and trying different activities. I hope to get more into photography and baking. So the blog/vlog (if you can call a handful of videos that) will still be up and running. I hope you stay along for my journey. IMAG0327

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