The Beauty of A Road Trip

A Texas Prairie
A Texas Prairie

As I have recently moved across the world and then the nation, for a new job, I was able to take in the beauty of America….At least the Southwest/Pacific Northwest. Here are some photos that I took along the way.



Look at how amazing those clouds are.


A Storm


Classic Panhandle Photo
I will be the first one to tell you, I might have over done the New Mexico photos, but New Mexico is so beautiful.
New Mexico Road

A classic road trip photo in New Mexico.



Those Clouds Though

I mean come on look at that!




New Mexico Sky 3



City On A Hill 7

I call this the City on a Hill. A little town that looks like it has been transplanted from Mexico into the United States.


California Desert

California Desert

Shasta Mountain

Shasta Mountain

Beauty of Washington

The beauty of Washington


Mt. Rainer

Mt. Rainer


Mt. Rainer take two


I found so much beauty on this road trip and really enjoyed capturing it with my camera. I hope to take more mini trips that will allow me to take more photos. I hope you enjoyed this different style of post and was able to enjoy the beauty.

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