A Whole New Year: Update

Back in January, I wrote about how I planned on improving my life in 2016. I had plans on improving my health, mind, and spirit. In January I didn’t really know where I would be in September. Well 9 months after the original posts I wanted to give you an update.

My Mind


I am still reading books for my reading challenge. I have 12 books left out of the 24 books. I was doing really good there for a while until I got to the books that I just were not interested in reading. So I might need to update my list a little to make me want to read it. I have however, read more this year than I have read ever in my life. Even though I am not reading books on my list I am still reading. I am also more inclined to enjoy fiction which before I was pretty much a historical non fiction type of reader.

My photography has been a ton of fun. I am still taking pictures. I haven’t been very good at my Instagram 365 photos but I definitely have been taking tons more photos. I was even able to take a friends engagement photos. I don’t think I’ll make the 365 photos before January 1st 2017 but thats alright.

My Body

Well I did just come from a two hour walk around my neighborhood. I have tried very hard this year to eat healthier an workout. I have to say this year feels like I have done a rather good job eating better but the working out regularly hasn’t really happened. I hope that once I get use to my new school schedule, I’ll be able to make a workout schedule.

I have also done a better job at making time for myself. With the reading challenge, I had to make time to read. Also with my new job I am able to give myself a little more time doing things I enjoy.

My Spirit

I am still growing and improving my spiritual walk. Since I have recently moved to a new place I am in search of a new church. A part of me really misses my Koran church. I was also doing really good reading my devotionals and just setting time aside. Then I moved and my schedule changed a lot. So I hope that once my schedule gets set, I’ll have a more regular time set aside for quiet time.

Overall I feel like my year of improvement is going well. We only have four months left of this year. I am excited on what the four months will hold, and what 2017 will bring.

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