Exploring Out There

One of the hardest things I have found about moving to a new place is getting out there and exploring the area. I live in a place embraces walking but driving is easier. I have found that when I drive places, I often feel disconnected from the area itself. I think this is because when I am driving I am not paying attention to the places around me but to driving and doing it safely. I am trying to get out and do more fun stuff but it is hard when I am working full time and have to be an adult and do things like going to the grocery store. However this weekend I was able to go to a park (the weather was so nice) and I took some pictures. It also was the anniversary for September 11th. In order to honor those who served and are still serving, I wanted to make it a priority to visit the memorial near by. Here are my photos.


This memorial is made from actual beams from one of the towers. They requested the beams in order to make the memorial.







I love the fall like weather and I am excited about all the things that are near by for me to go and explore. Now, I just have to go and explore. 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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