Not A Normal Tuesday Night….For A Teacher

This past Tuesday, a co-worker/friend came up to me before class started and asked me this simple question, ” what do you think of Maroon 5?”. Considering I was not expecting that question and also wasn’t sure where it was going, I simply answered, “They’re alright.” She then went on to tell me that she had two free tickets to a Maroon 5 concert that night and if I wanted to go with her I could.

You see, just the night before, I was talking to an old friend about how I felt like I was being so lazy and missing out on all this extra free time I have been given. The rational teacher in me wanted to say no, but then the opportunist inside me realized that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. When will I see free Maroon 5 tickets again? I then rationalized my wild side by pointing out that Wednesday would be my easier teaching day. So I said yes. I mean when your friend offers you a free Maroon 5 ticket, you take that ticket.
The following work day, I was tired but it was worth it. Even though, I didn’t care much for the opening acts, I discovered that I am actually a Maroon 5 fan (I knew all but two new songs). I ended up only getting about 4 hrs of sleep that night but made it through my classes. I realized that I need to start incorporating more fun things into my free time. It is a new concept for me because in Korea I was so busy all the time that when I did get extra time I needed to use it to catch up on my sleep.

So far, I have been looking at a few group-on deals with painting, piano lessons (but I don’t have a piano to practice with) and just fun activities. I have also started to make my own art, bake, and I have started to study Korean again. With all that said, I feel like I am starting to use my time wisely….You can only sit in front of the tv for so long before it starts to lose its appeal.

imag0732**This is a side note but for dinner we bought Subway and we were given a discount. For two meals it only cost us $7 +tax! We felt like it must have been our night free concert tickets and pretty much a free meal!

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