My 2017 Challenge

The winner of my 2017 challenge poll is….*drum roll* …. is the writing challenge!

This will probably be one of the most challenging of the challenge choices for me. I have had an idea for a book about my 3rd culture experiences for a long while. I suppose this will be the year that I move forward on that idea. However, if another idea comes to mind this year, I am not going to lock me in on only that topic.



(At least my writing process will be a little easier than if it was on a typewriter.)

The logistics of the challenge is as follows…
Since I am a teacher and my time during the week is limited, I have set up this challenge to take place during the weekend. This list is just a page count based on the week. This allows me to either write a little during the week days or write it all during the weekend.

–  January = 4 pages (to get in the swing of things)
– February = 8 pages
– March = 10 pages (5 weeks)
–  April =  8 pages
– May = 8 pages
– June = 10 pages (5 weeks)
– July = 8 pages
– August = 10 pages (technically 5 weeks)
– September = 8 pages
– October = 8 pages
– November = 10 pages (technically 5 weeks)
– December = 4 pages (because there is a lot of family time during this month)
(Based on approximately 500 words a page.)

Thank you for participating in the poll. My blog will still be up and running this year. I have some exciting plans in the works.
Thank you for reading and I’ll update you on my challenge progress throughout the year. 🙂

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