Fun Review Lessons

This past weekend was our review week for finals. I have always had a struggle making review finals fun. Last year for Fall finals I made a huge team treasure gain and then gave them little bags of treats and supplies for finals. It was intense. If you are interested you can check out my 2015 Winter post about reviews here.

This year, I felt a little more stressed in making the finals (most of my AP classes are on chapters 10-15 so lots of chapters and information to make questions for). So I didn’t do a whole lot of games. However, one assignment that I did was a riddle activity. My students really seemed to like it.

I made a set of riddles, depending on class size. Which was actually a lot of fun. Here is a screenshot of a few questions…

So what I did was printed out an answer key copy and just ONE student copy. I then separated the riddle with the answer by cutting them. After I passed out both the riddle slips and answer slips I let the students go. They all walked around communicated with each other and tried to find their match. They did an excellent job communicating and trying to figure out the answers.

Then I went through the numbers and had the students read their riddle and answer. Then the true challenge happened. I made them put the events in chronological order. The students came together around a big table and communicated with each other about where each even should go.

The students really enjoyed it and even asked to do more of them next semester. … So more work for me but I think it will be work it.

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