The Pacific Northwest

   “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”
– Martin Buber

When I was moving up to the PNW most people were just happy I was moving away form South Korea. However, like most places have stereotypes built in. The PNW is no different. I got a whole lot of, “it rains all the time, be sure you have some vitamin D”  and comments of hipsters or hippies were also mentioned.

Though after being up here for almost 6 months and have plans to stay for next year. I have to say I kinda love it.

While driving up a hill on a clear day and coming up to the top only to see off in the distance snow capped mountains with a backdrop of deep blue sky….It is breath taking.

Spending weekends taking the ferry into the “big city”… my midwest background still runs deep. While still being able to stay away from the city if I want to. Though trees stop me from seeing around the corners sometimes and I miss the “flat-ness” of the Texas panhandle there are too many awesome things about the Pacific Northwest.

So I’ll be staying for a little bit longer and basking in the PNW Summer and experiencing the leaves changing agin in the Fall and sadly some snow in the Winter. I am excited to see how Spring and the beginning of the Summer might be here.

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