A Walk In Beauty

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.
~ Romans 1:20

With spring break upon me, I am able to explore my own neighborhood. Today I walked along the Clear Creak Trail in Silverdale. This was my second time there but the first time since most of the construction was completed. This trail is part of the Silverdale Rotary Gateway Park and provides a convenient trail that is surrounded by nature.

Even though I live in the PNW, my set of towns that are near by do not provide a very walker friendly set of sidewalks to walk down. This trail is about 2 miles or so long (depending on the path you take depends on the length of the walk) and the main path is paved. However, one things that I just love about this park is its proximity to water. The park itself is a floodplain. So boardwalk like paths were created and provide an additional nature observation opportunity.

Just how beautiful.

A big part of why I enjoy taking walks is to experience the nature around me. To look at something so small like algae and yet how important it is encourages me to see how impactful I can be as a human. It is easy to forget how powerful we can be and the difference we can make (for better or worse). Today, while looking at the algae I was reminded by how I often tell my students to look at the small things to be grateful for, to remember to smile at people in the hallway because it could brighten their day or to simply see God’s splendor in their lives. As a teacher it is easy to teach others but sometimes hard to teach myself. Sneaking away for even just an hour today reminded me to take time to teach myself.

I hope to sneak away more, even once school begins. The PNW spring and summer months are full of beauty.

Thank you for reading!

Website for the park 

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