I Try And Fail At A Pinterest Craft

Have you ever looked at Pinterest and said to yourself, “I should try that! I am sure it is easy!!!”

So yeah I tried it and part of it was easy but I of course had to make things harder. I decided to jump on the melted-crayon-art bandwagon.
Here is my story:

I decided that I didn’t want just melted crayon, I wanted a baobab tree. However, I couldn’t get it right…here is attempt #1

Finally got what I thought would be the perfect baobab tree. (if you know anything about baobab trees you would know I was wrong…lol)

I decided to melt a number of colors, like browns yellows and create the appearance of dirt on the bottom half of the canvas and then blue and orange like colors for the sky on the upper half of the canvas.

(Also you can see that I am doing this craft in a box in order to stop the splattering of the was all over the floor or walls.)

I think the canvas turned out pretty good…but then I had to go an ruin it.

I decided to mod-podge the tree the canvas. I researched it and a number of websites say a good thing to do before hand is to use a protection spray. Since I had a can for my pastel work, I decided to use it. (Be sure to use it in a ventilated area.) I sprayed the tree and the canvas.

I then began to mod-podge. I have never used it and I found out I actually bought the wrong kind. Soooo if you are using this as a tutorial don’t do that.

Look at that it is finished! I have to say I HATED the tree. I thought “hmm…maybe if I left it there on the wall for a bit, it would start to look better.” It didn’t. I was sad because I hated the tree but loved the was art on the canvas. So I did what any normal person would do….I took a knife to it….

To my amazement the mod-podge hadn’t hardened yet. So it came off very easily. I have plans to add something to the canvas but I am still figuring out how to implement it. So the true finished work will have to wait to be added at a later date. Till then here is another picture of it “completed”

Hope you can laugh at my attempt at art and maybe even learn a little.

Happy crafting! 🙂

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