Things You Think About When You’re Sick

Of course, when my life gets busy I get sick. First time this school year I catch a cold, while AP exams are happening and I am moving within a week. So life is insane and I “cant get sick”…so naturally I get sick.

So here are a few things that entered my head while I was sick:
*Note all this is said in a pathetic voice*

– “Which child gave me the plague this time.”
– “UGH, I feel like death”
– “Let me Google all the natural remedies for over coming this disease”
– “At least I’m sick over the weekend, I don’t have to miss work.”
– “Time for my 3rd nap of the day…at 7PM”
– “I think I could crawl to Target for real medicine”
– “Why did I go to Target, it killed me”
– “How would this illness would have been handled if I was in a different country.”
– “In all reality I would have probably died if I had caught this in a different time period.”
– “Death is nearer…”
– “I think I can sit up and pack a little…”
– *I sit up. Blood rushes. Bounding happens* “… Nope, I cant” *I lay back down*
– “Nap time again.”
–  “I wonder if tomorrow I’ll feel better or if this is just my life now.”

Of course these are the only things I can remember truly thinking about. Though, knowing me I was a little more dramatic in my head about all these moments. The good thing is that I am feeling slightly better today. I don’t think I’ll be able to get a lot of things done (like packing) but at least I’ll be ready for work tomorrow.

Thanks for reading! My next post will be from a new apartment!

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