A Homestay Weekend

As memorial day has come and past. As we have reminded ourselves about those who fight for our freedoms or as we forget that memorial day weekend is more than just a three day weekend, we all did many different things. Some went fishing, others had a barbecue, and some had to work. For me I decided to “lock” myself up inside and just enjoy a weekend without other people.
I caught up primarily on communication with letters, notes and other ways to communicate. So I wasn’t completely without talking. I also spent a lot of time just sitting outside on my back patio.

I was able to watch nature. Woodpeckers, squirrels and many many birds, are all over the place just outside.

I read…a lot! However, I just found I couldn’t decide what to read.


I also spent time coloring while watching tv at night.

Not to mention this cutie keeping me entertained.

For some a weekend of staying at home, cooking, cleaning, reading and watching tv might be death. However, after AP testing and right before graduation craziness it was a nice stay-vacation. It is important to do what you need to do to rejuvenate yourself at the end of a school year.

How did you spend your Memorial day weekend?

~ Thanks for reading!


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