Time In Nature

I believe I connected best with David Thoreau. When I first heard of transcendentalists. They seemed so free and were able to spend their days in nature’s beauty. Though, I do not fully believe in all that Thoreau or other transcendentalist believed, I do love being in nature and exploring it’s beauty. Part of me believes this is because of my time in Korea. Though, there were pockets of nature, those pockets were surrounded by sky rises, busy highways, or polluted air. There is something in Washington’s fresh air (were I am at least) and green, sometimes white, mountains. Where I am surrounded by tall trees and water on three sides. It is beautiful.

This weekend I was able to be in nature and to experience its beauty in a new location. This weekend I was able to spend time in nature.

Scenic Beach Park or as I call it Seabeck Beach is a small little camp ground State Park. It holds a lot of nice little camping areas and a pebble beach with fascinating views. It seems to be a popular wedding location with a little house set off that was the location of a wedding the day we visited the park. It is a short drive from Bremerton and Silverdale allowing for little day trips or convenient camping trips.

There are a number of tree covered tables with grill stations. The downfall is that it is not much of a hiking trip but had some nice photo opts of nature being nature.



The beach area is a rather small spot when the tide is in but its a calm spot where the water will roll in quietly. While we were there many of the other people were throwing in stones…trying to skip rocks.

On the beach you can see a lot of clam shells dropped by seagulls. My suggestion is if you plan to bring your kids to the beach have them wear shows. The pebbles are not very comfy for bare feet.



On this little day trip, I enjoyed some patchy Washington sun, practiced taking pictures, read and explored.

“Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say innocence, with Nature herself.”
~ Henry David Thoreau, Walden


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