My Clean Eating Chronicles: A Full Week

Post for July 4th is being pushed back to later this week. Come back to read about a beautiful spot to visit on the Peninsula. 🙂

I have made it about a week of clean eating…with come cheats. I have been experimenting with different foods, dishes, and desserts. The biggest struggle this week has been prepping all the meals and eating while it being summer without a solid eating schedule. Also I have really found that I probably was eating way to much chocolate and ice cream when I wasn’t clean eating. It seems to be ALL I want now. So I have been having a lot of banana milkshakes and banana ice cream.

Frozen Banana, Coconut milk (not sweetened) and cocoa powder

I haven’t really gotten tired of eating vegetables or fruits but I have gotten a little tired of eating meat. I usually would pair my meals with bread which would counter the meat I think. Even though in my last post I talked about how I am allowing myself to eat potato bread I am still regulating it. So I have just cut my bread significantly.

The price of groceries is still a struggle. As I am starting to get to the end of the vegetables and fruit that I bought last week and knowing I’ll need to go to the store soon to restock is sad. Before I started clean eating I was only spending maybe 90-100 dollars on about a month or a little bit less grocery bill. I am spending a bit more than that now and will need to figure out a good budget.

Peanut butter and celery. Getting down the the last bit of both!

I am also struggling with eating 6 smaller meals/snacks a day. I am not much of an eater and find it hard to really monitor that I am eating enough at separate times a day. No true signs of detox yet. Some tired moments but it’s summer and I am able to take a nap if I want to.

Tilapia, just a bunch of seasoning thrown on it and baked in foil.

My Goals This Week:
I haven’t been drinking the recommended gallon of water a day, that I read somewhere in a clean eating blog. So this week I really want to start drinking a ton of water. During the school year I actually drink a lot of water but again without a schedule my water intake is a little sporadic.

I want to set up a new grocery budget. Since, a lot of the things I buy at the store now go bad, I need to split my one mont budget plan for groceries into an every week budget plan.

 I am really seeing some improvements with myself. Overall, I feel less clouded and have more energy. I feel like the foods I eat actually have a reason to eat them rather than just a desire for sugar or carbs or caffeine.  So I feel more in control of what I am putting into my body.

Apricot Curry Chicken

This was a trial meal and I loved it! The broccoli is uncooked (I like raw veggies better than any other kind) and I put balsamic vinegar on it for a dressing (Reminded me of Korea). I found the clean eating recipe on this site. (If you have trouble clicking on the link then Google search Clean Eating Apricot Curry Chicken…its the one for

I did not follow the recipe completely because I didn’t have all the ingredient but it was still delicious!

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