“In Other Words” ~ A Book Review

**Sorry for not writing in awhile. I have been enjoying my summer and I hope you have been too.**

Other than cooking and then cleaning up after I cook, #Cleaneatingstruggles, I have also been reading. My goal was just to read and enjoy as mean books as I can this summer. One of those books was “In Other Words” by Jhumpa Lahiri. She is an American writer who is of Bengali decent but writes in Italian (at least in this book).

“In Other Words” discusses her journey in learning Italian and her passion to be part of the language. It is actually written in Italian and translated into English. Lahiri’s writing is full of metaphors and passion but I think what I loved the most about her story was the way she explained her desire to learn Italian. Lahiri also shares her own 3rd culture kid experiences and how Italian provided her almost with a culture to choose to belong to.

Her story provided a wonderful insight into a 2nd generation American. How she learned Bengali to communicate with her parents and to stay connected to them but that English was her primary language. She discussed the controlling elements that English had on her. That it was almost not her chose to learn it and therefore was not passionate about the language. Italian, however, was her choice her desire her passion.

This book was a new type of book for me to read. It was a fast read that was enjoyable. I would recommend giving this book a try. I would definitely say that this book is a hard one to really describe or explain but it is a unique story that provides a lot of different concepts for its readers. I encourage you to give it a try if you are looking for a summer read.

Thanks for reading!

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